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Do I have to install a local program?

The Spotfone switchboard works in the cloud and its configuration is done through your web browser. Although it is necessary to install a free VoIP IP client that we deliver to you to connect Spotfone with your device.

Does Spotfone work with all operating systems?

Yes, Spotfone and our VoIP client works on Windows, Mac and Linux.


You can see at a glance the opportunities of a single vendor and thus get a quick idea of ​​the situation.

What is an IVR?

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response, which translates from English as Interactive Voice Response. The term VRU (Voice Response Unit) is also used.


It consists of a telephone system that is able to receive a call and interact with the human through voice recordings and the recognition of simple answers, such as "yes", "no" or others. It is an interactive interactive response system, oriented to deliver and / or capture information through the telephone, allowing access to information services or other operations.


With our IVR system, you can inform your clients of what you want, promotions, welcome menu, opening hours, etc.

No, the monthly price of the switchboard includes all the integrations with the applications of Zoho, that is to say, you will pay € 29 per month (+ VAT) for using Spotfone with Zoho CRM or for using Spoftfone with Zoho CRM and Zoho Desk.

Do I have to pay extra for each integration?



Who sets up the test installation?

One of our engineers will contact you and create the test facility for you, which includes a small training and the answer to a few technical questions.

How long can I use the trial installation?

You can use it freely for 30 days.

Can I use the trial installation with my current phone number?

You can divert incoming calls from your current number to the provisional number and thereby perform the tests in real situations.

Yes, contact our commercial department and we will increase the credit to the amount you want. In this case, once you have exhausted the € 10 free, the credit you increase will run on your own.

Can I increase the credit during the trial installation?



Can you come visit me at my company?

Of course, we give physics throughout the national territory. You can also come to visit our office and have a personalized consulting session to analyze your personal case.

Yes, we have clients using Spotfone in countries as far away as Mauritius, Mexico, Argentina, etc ...

Can I use spotfone outside of Spain?

As an international company that we are, we can also provide service in Spanish, English, Russian, German, French, Portuguese and Italian.

Can you give me service in other languages?



What experience can you show me?

We are the largest partner of Zoho worldwide (recognized by the company Zoho) with hundreds of satisfied customers around the world.

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