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Spotfone integrates with your Zoho Apps

VoIP Integration


Spotfone + Zoho CRM

Receiving and making calls

When a call arrives to your company, your CRM will automatically show you the client's file and business opportunities, if it is already registered. If not, you will have the option to create a new contact.

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Information window

When you receive a call, your CRM will check in real time what type of contact it is. If it exists, it will show all its history to put you in situation and know exactly how to respond to that call.

Know your customers

It will sound much closer and professional to your client to say "Good afternoon Julia, I'm Fernando, how can I help you today?" What to say, "Hello, I'm Fernando, with whom do I speak?"

Call from your CRM

You will only have to click on the phone number and Spotfone will automatically make the call.

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Make Annotations

You can create annotations as you speak with your contact and this will reflect the result of the conversation. Those notes will reappear when you contact that contact again.

Spotfone will make you meet your call appointments with a click

Missed calls can be created as tasks within your CRM and you can schedule a return of calls in the calendar.



Spotfone + Zoho Desk

Integrate your calls with your tickets

When a call arrives Zoho Desk will automatically show you the customer's card and its tickets or you will have the option to create a new contact and open a new ticket to attach the call.

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Assign the call to an existing ticket

You will have the option to create a new contact or assign the call to an existing ticket.

Create a new ticket from Spotfone

During the call or at the end of this call, you can create a new ticket where you can attach the call to track the incident.

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Web Integration | Click2Call

Connect your Zoho CRM your Clients and Visitors

Easily implement a simple form on your website where visitors share their call data. Your CRM will enter that call data into a queue and Spotfone will make an automatic call to the visitor.

Your Web

Your Zoho CRM

Click to Call integrates with your web presence and with your billing system

Web page

Social networks



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